Other Phone Repair

Other Phone Repair

Andriod is world’s leading smartphone that ever made. All packaged in an Android Phone device made of many small parts. From the in-built features to the stunning and magnificent screen display, you have to keep your Android Phone looking and functioning it’s finest. However, accidents may happen, and your Android Phone may not look or perform as well as it once did.

Android Phone Repair Solution offers quick and Reliable Android Phone Repair in Mahim and all over Ghaziabad areas. We give a wide range of Android Phone repairs, upgrade and maintenance services to meet your IT needs. With more than 8 years Android Phone and iPad Repair experience our aim to provide high quality Android Phone repair and support service in Ghaziabad. Our Android Phone Repair team of technician giving fast, affordable and friendly Android Phone related services to our Ghaziabad clients. Breaking your much-loved Android Phone is definitely not a good news; therefore our goal to completion Android Phone repairs normally within 30minutes.

Our full service Android Phone Repair Solutions include –

  • Dead Android Phone Repair
  • Android Phone Battery Repair and Replacement
  • Android Phone Front Glass Replacement
  • Android Phone Logic board Repair and Replacement
  • Android Phone Screen Replacement
  • Android Phone Home button Repair and Replacement
  • Android Phone Charging Port Repair and Replacement
  • Android Phone Wi-Fi Flex Repair and Replacement
  • Android Phone Power Button Repair and Replacement
  • Android Phone Volume Button Repair and Replacement
  • Android Phone Speaker Repair and Replacement
  • Android Phone Data Recovery
  • Water damage Android Phone Repair


Full-Service Android Phone Repairs and Upgrades - All models

Android Phone Repair Solution can fix all kinds of Android Phone issues

This could be caused by a damaged charging port or a faulty internal component.
Android Phone ear speaker not working, speaker problem. Especially if it is caused by a problem in the software.
There could be a problem with the phone’s charging port which in turn is causing this issue. Or maybe the damage battery
The problem could be with the display data cable connector which may be loose or have some wires that are incompletely cut. There’s also the possibility that the logic board of your phone has a problem.
Silent mode enabled, temporary problem on the Android Phone software, Bluetooth is enabled. Speaker/headphone jack is blocked, Firmware update bug or Damage to Android Phone audio port or components.
It is happen for the Sometimes the jack is simply jammed or stuck.
A bad hardware issue related to that Android Phone power button not working.
When your Android Phone battery is completely drained, it could take longer than usual to recharge, thereby making you think that your Android Phone is dead.
There is this software issue with OS which causes distorted video or video won’t play.
Software updates are generally designed to improve device performance.
Android Phone are a bit more difficult to drop in toilets, the sink, and even the bathtub, but it can still happen. If you accidentally dropped your Android Phone in water.
It might be the simple problem that can be fixed after several attempts or it might be caused by Android Phone battery overheated. A dust or faulty SIM card is also the cause of Android Phone SIM card not detected.
Android Phone Back camera and flashlight not working, these are related with the software issue.
Android Phone front camera not working it is associated with the software issue.
Too many applications are run at a same time.
Whenever your Android Phone is experiencing freezing issues it’s always best to start troubleshooting the Android Phone software.